I’m part of Oak Tree because…


I am a big believer in making investments in our community to make it a better place to raise our families.  Through the Oak Tree Project, I feel that I’m giving back in a way that leverages my community investment much more than a straight charitable donation or corporate sponsorship.

Will Mactaggart



I can help shape a unique approach to corporate responsibility, built on collaboration, celebrating the work of local charities and championing creative ideas to make Guelph-Wellington a better place to live.

Doug MacMillan



I like to do good in Guelph.  The Oaktree Project allows me to help make connections to better our community.

Mike Hryn



I’m proud of the difference Oak Tree makes in the Guelph Wellington community. Not only is Oak Tree something that I’m very proud to be a part of – but I feel that charities in GW are just as proud and excited to be involved. Oak Tree doesn’t leave anyone out, it’s a project that’s designed to impact as many charities and as many people in our community as possible.

Monica Mazun



It’s the way we do things here.

Chris Willard



The Oak Tree Project brings together the best corners of our community and blurs the lines between them. Business, non-profits and individual citizens all play a role making Oak Tree work and deciding the impact it will have. That is both cool and inspiring. And, I am a big fan of breakfast, over which, much of our planning happens. #WinWin

Curt Hammond