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  1. I believe that the work that Big Brothers Big Sisters is important because the individuals they are mentoring are at vulnerable and important developmental stages of their lives. Being able to expand the programs and connections available is so important to building positive relationships and success of the young persons longterm.

  2. It was such a pleasure to work with BBBS this semester. I know I am very passionate about the work that BBBS hopes to accomplish. The money provided by Oak Tree would be an asset to the organization to benefit the mental health of the youth in the Guelph Wellington communities. I wish Michael and BBBS all the best in executing these strategies to benefit the community. The work you do is amazing!

  3. It was an amazing experience getting to work with BBBS this semester! We want everyone to know that BBBS is more relevant and needed than ever before!

  4. BBBSG’s approach to “meet students where they are” is seamless. This will not only work to improve youth mental health, but also student mental health!

  5. BBBSG is needed to restore youth mental health in the Guelph-Wellington community! They will succeed at doing so!

  6. BBBS is such an important part of the Guelph community! It is essential that youth and their mental health needs are being met, especially in the midst of a pandemic where we are all more isolated than ever.

  7. The expression Michael used in his presentation was impeccable. How much he cares about the work of BBBS is incredibly clear and I know the organization will do great things with the money!

  8. Big Brothers Big Sisters gives me faith in humanity! with a wonderful cause, they’re changing lives for the better! I wish this program was implemented into more schools!

  9. My grandfather was heavily involved in BBBS during his life. He believed in the spirit of community and helping everyone, no matter where they came from. I carry that same belief. Keep up the great work BBBS Guelph.

  10. BBBS has a consistent, effective approach to supporting youth. They always need young men to volunteer. I think the pitch is very tangible, simple and achievable. Good luck to whichever organization wins!

  11. The pandemic has affected everyone’s mental health, especially for isolated youth. BBBS has the ability to change this!

  12. BBBS has given me so many volunteer opportunities and does such great work with the youth in the community

  13. I am so glad I had the opportunity to work alongside BBBS through the ICON course this semester! The work they are doing for the community is so important! They are an essential to the mental health of local youth in Guelph, which is more important than ever, given our current circumstances.

  14. BBBS has great ideas to promote Mental Health. They’re a consistently positive contributor to the commmunity!

  15. It was an absolute pleasure to work with BBBSG! Supporting youth mental health is extremely important during a global pandemic!

  16. Now, more than ever we need BBBS in Guelph, and every other community for that matter. Let’s take the great ideas that the ICON class has developed and implement them to help “IMPROVE LIFE” for young people and provide a positive mental health experience for the mentor and the mentee. They have my vote!

  17. I’d love to support an organization with such great goals and ideas to support local youth!

  18. Help support the great work the BBBSG does by voting for them to receive the funding from Oak Tree 6. This could make a difference in a child’s life.

  19. It’s great to see the Oaktree Project supporting the charities in our community. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Guelph does great work for at-risk children and youth who are suffering right now due to the isolation that the pandemic is inflicting on everyone. Having the support of caring mentors makes a huge difference to them, to the point that Big Brothers Big Sisters services have been called “essential and vital” by mental health and wellness professionals.

  20. What a great cause and a great time for such an organization. I am proud to cast my vote for BBBSG!

  21. Big brothers big sisters had a massive impact in this community, let’s help them bounce back from this pandemic!

  22. Working with BBBS this semester to create this project was a blast! We put a lot of time and effort in to create a collaborative solution both the students and the organization would be proud of, and Mike did an amazing job presenting it! Really hope they win!

  23. BBBS is such an important part of the community and they help the youth who will help lead Guelph forward as citizens.

  24. BBBS is amazing and can really make a difference in the lives of our youth. You have my vote!

  25. BBBS is a NEED in the current pandemic. It requires the funding to fulfill its 3 pillared solution, and without it won’t be able to make the same impact its been having on at risk youth for years now. Please vote for BBBS so its effective mentoring programs can reach at risk youth who need it more than ever while being stuck at home for almost a year now.

  26. I have been a part of the BBBS community this past summer and supporting youth mental health is so important! Love this organization!

  27. It’s been such a wonderful opportunity to work alongside BBBS this past semester to develop a plan to help them recover from COVID! The Guelph community needs their services now more than ever, and the prize money will ensure BBBS can continue to help at-risk kids across the city!

  28. BBBS was an essential service running throughout the lockdown and during different stages of the covid-19 pandemic. They continue to make a difference in the lives of youth across Guelph and the surrounding townships. They get my vote and they should get yours too!

  29. They need our help and they deserve it! BBBS needs to bounce back from COVID and OakTree is the trampoline!

  30. Amazing organization doing amazing things. Let’s help them keep it up, even through a pandemic.

  31. BBBS is an amazing organization focused around mental health and youth, which is so important right now with the pandemic going on and school closures happening. They really do make a difference in the lives of our children.

  32. BBBS had the best pitch in my opinion, they should win the grand prize money! Solid solution by a solid organization.

  33. What an amazing organization! They positively impact many parts of people’s physical and mental health.

  34. BBBS is rruely a fantastic organization that assists with the mental health of our youth. This assistance is paramount to their success later in life especially with the increased burden experienced in this pandemic

  35. This program is super important and I personally know people who have benefitted from their help!

  36. Great Organization and i believe they will make a huge difference in the lives of the children at guelph

  37. More then ever we need the help and support of our community
    Thank you to BBBS

  38. BBBS does incredible work in supporting youth who need role models, especially in this time

  39. My vote for BBBS
    Glad to support the organization in which my drand daughter is active supporter

  40. BBBS could be a great way to help out kids that don’t have any sibling or people to hang out with and build a positive relationship with.

  41. I was a Big Brother in University and I know how important it is for our youth to have a mentor and adult to guide them. Mentoring matters!

  42. My vote goes to BBBS. So many of young people in our community struggle alone and this agency brings support and compassion where it’s so desperately needed.

  43. Well said Mike! Good job BBBSG for looking for new ways to help the children of our community!

  44. BBBSG is making a difference in many young peoples lives. We need to support them so they can continue their great work.

  45. BBBS Guelph program ideas developed by the ICON Class is essential now more than ever especially during this pandemic in order to help and support Youth and students to cope with these uncertain times.

  46. this is such an amazing program, being a Big Sister has brought so much joy to my life and I am so honoured to be apart of such a great program!

  47. Absolutely the most deserving of this! An amazing organization that makes a real difference in kid’s lives!

  48. The work being done through BBBS is so important especially now with the struggles the pandemic has created.

  49. Big brothers/big sisters really makes a difference
    I have supported this organization in many different areas over the years, they can always use the support for expanding the program to all kids who need it!

  50. I really appreciate BBBS programs. My brother was a volunteer and I’ve seen his heart change for the better, and warm up to the love youth have to offer. I want to promote sacrificial love, opportunities where youth can experience their potential and worth, and of course, volunteers to realize that what they do really matters in this world. I’m excited to see how BBBS will further develop, especially under these unprecedented times.

  51. I am such a believer in the power of mentoring and the importance of BBBSG in this community. This pitch and project will bring people together for a common cause.

  52. Big brother and Big Sisters of Guelph gave me the opportunity to mentors kids while I was a student at the University of Guelph. I love the ties to the community and the positive influence it has on the entire community.

  53. As a member of the University of Guelph alumni community I can say this is a win-win for BBBSG & the university.

  54. Such a brilliant organization. Michael speaks with such passion and I have witnessed the success of BBBS Guelph. The impact BBBS has had and will continue to have on the emotional, physical and personal well-being of young people is extraordinary.

  55. Now, more than ever, the work that BBBSG is doing is critical for the well-being of children and youth. The initiatives they are taking to build a supportive community for their clients are engaging and creative. Thank you for what you do!!

  56. There are so many beautiful, diverse, & meaningful relationships being created within programs at BBBS!

  57. Big Brothers, Big Sisters Guelph link youth with adults giving the youth stability in their lives. Stability helps with their mental well being.

  58. Always seen the impact BBBSG has made on our community. Always happy to support such a great cause

  59. As a social worker I have seen first hand the very important role that mentorship can play in young peoples lives as well as the reward it gives the mentors!
    Brenda Symons Moulton

  60. Big Brothers Big Sisters is so important for the Guelph community as it provides much needed support to vulnerable youth!

  61. I love what this organization does. Having a mentor in your life is a powerful thing and so needed! Go BBBSG!

  62. Holly is my neice and good with children and youth. I’m glad they have her working with those at risk.

  63. BBBSG has drastically changed my life for the better! Getting Involved with them for my high school co-op has been the best choice I’ve made, as it has led to many life changing opportunities for myself and even my little!

  64. BBBSG is such an important part of our community, let’s help to keep that support going!

  65. Big Brothers Big Sisters is such a wonderful organization helping to bring support to youth who need it most! Now, more than ever, kids really need to feel connected and have someone in their corner encouraging them to reach their full potential. Having this support makes a lifetime of difference!

  66. BBBS has such great ideas. I love the gaming night idea, as well as the goals to increase social media engagement! Really fits in with the changing world around us.

  67. Now more than ever, we need to support the well being of children in our community. BBBSG continues to do such important – and long lasting – work, fostering connections and encouraging meaningful bonds.

  68. Big Brothers Big Sisters provide so much enrichment to the community. In this most difficult year, it is so important for the partenership with mental health resources as well so many other endeavors.

  69. BBBS an amazing organization, supporting and mentoring youth; making a difference in our community!

  70. The vision and plan for BBBSG is fantastic. The partnership with the University of Guelph is a wonderful idea.

  71. We cannot leave kids behind as we look to recover from the devastation this pandemic has caused. BBBS is the right organization to ensure kids in the Guelph community are seen, heard and understood. Congratulations on a great pitch – you have my vote!

  72. BBBSG is an amazing agency that makes a big difference in our community! The amazing volunteers make a huge impact on so many children and youth in Guelph & surrounding area.

  73. The power of mentoring is a strong thing, and something that BBBSG does an amazing job at. Connecting mentors to youth in our community has proven to be positive for everyone involved, and I am happy to support them!

  74. This organization has and continues to help so many children. The reality of today’s society is that many families are lead by one parent only and these volunteers continue to provide support, care and guidence to kids that need it.

  75. My vote goes to any initiative that places its sincere efforts towards development of youth.

  76. Love BBBSG !!! this is an amazing agency that supports youth and families in general. They work all the time and their support to the comunity is maizing!. keep up the good work BBBSG and thank you !!!!

  77. Having a mentor can have a positive and long-lasting impact on a child.
    Being a mentor can be highly rewarding for a volunteer.
    This is a deserving organization.

  78. I had the opportunity to do a brief co-op with BBBS (they were separate organizations then) just as the discussion of amalgamating the two into one was an idea. It was a great experience having the chance to see what goes on behind the scene.

  79. Youth need mentors during this scary and uncertain time to help them stay positive and optimistic about their future. Thank you BBBSG for providing this amazing service to local youth who rely so heavily on it.

  80. BBBSG staff and programs are great. My family have been enjoying their programs particularly my grandsons. They love participating in any BBBSG activities whether with a big brother or virtual get together. They feel loved and cared for. Thank you so much for everything BBBSG.😊👍💖👏

  81. Big Brothers Big Sisters are doing a very good job, especially in these hard times!

  82. I was a little sister in the BBBSG program and the program helped me alot! My vote is definitely going to them!!

  83. Mentoring is so important to our community! The team at BBBSG work tirelessly to provide kids with great mentors and amazing experiences.

  84. I am so impressed with the kindness and thoroughness of the people in this organization. Positive mentoring for our youth is more important these days than it ever was.

  85. Our big sister is great. She is an intelligent, and caring person, and she is an amazing role model. I am very happy to be able to take part in this experience.

  86. BBBSG has stepped up to the daunting challenge of providing friendships and support to children who are now living in a world turned upside down – especially since the agency’s traditional programs had to be totally redesigned to become virtual. With the help of Oaktree Project, BBBSG will hopefully be able to continue to increase the number of children they can help to cope with the difficulties they are encountering with isolation and boredom because of the pandemic.

  87. It is more important than ever that BBBSG be able to continue to provide quality mentoring programs during this challenging time.

  88. Big Brothers Big Sisters has really helped my daughter come out of her shell – such an important contributor to the mental health of kids, young and old!

  89. My brother and I were both apart BBBS when we were little and my brothers “big brother” is still a close family friend to this day. Such an amazing program!

  90. Its so important for everyone to have someone and some people don’t. So this organization is amazing and I’m so happy it exists

  91. Amazing organization!! It strengthens the families in this community and has given so many youth positive role models!

  92. I was a mentor for one semester in high school and it was one of the best experiences of my life. It completely changed my future career and personal goals. I cannot think of a more important organization especially throughout Covid.

  93. Great organization! The work they do is very important to the development of future adults.

  94. Thank-you to BBBS for all your continued support and opportunities you’ve provided for my children.

  95. BBBS of Guelph makes such a difference in the lives of youth throughout Guelph. Great work!

  96. BBBS is such an important part of the community. In this challenging time community is more important than ever and the many opportunities BBBS brings to people in the Guelph area needs to be noticed!

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