Stories and good wishes about “Food4Kids Waterloo-Wellington

  1. Filling a serious gap by ensuring kids are fed on weekends – thanks to the 4 Guelph Rotary clubs in Guelph for coming together to make this happen.

  2. I am proud to be part of the steering committee helping to bring this much-needed program to the Guelph area.

  3. Food4Kids Waterloo Wellington serving Guelph Wellington Dufferin is such an incredible program. The 4 Guelph Rotary Clubs are working collaboratively to ensure that kids are fed on weekends. The feedback from parents and kids has been outstanding. Thanks to the many volunteers from Guelph who have reached out to be included in this humbling and community-building program.

  4. This is an excellent local program that reaches out to the vulnerable (children 14 and under) who, through no fault of their own, go hungry on weekends. Food4Kids addresses this issue by providing healthy, fresh food for the weekends.

  5. This is an excellent program for students from grade 9 to 12+ We are all very grateful for this program.

  6. Thank you to all 4 of the Guelph Rotary clubs for their collective efforts to bring Food4kids to our community.

  7. I am very proud to be part of the steering committee that brought this program to guelph. It is great to feel that you are making a difference in a child’s opportunity to have nutritious food on the weekend instead of an empty fridge.

  8. After reading about this program how can anyone not support/vote for it. A sample story…
    The child’s face was pale, and her eyes were red-rimmed and watery. She coughed, sniffled, and shivered slightly with a fever that the administrative assistant could feel through her t-shirt. “I am going to call your mommy to come and pick you up dear. You are not feeling very well,” she said. “Please don’t call mommy yet! Please,” the little girl whispered through a sniffle. The administrative assistant couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Most kids are only too happy to go home, especially when they are sick. This little girl was begging her to stay at school. The administrative assistant waited a few moments, and stated again, “I have to call your mommy. You are sick, and your mommy will want to know. “
    The little girl looked up with eyes brimming with tears and said, “Please don’t call mommy yet. If I go home, I won’t get my food bag.”

    Vote now!

  9. This program is long overdue. And yes kids in Guelph are going hungry on the weekends. I am proud that Rotary is supporting this great project

  10. I am shocked and saddened to learn that some 1,500 children in Guelph-Wellington-Dufferin go home from school not knowing what, if anything, they will get to eat at home at the weekend. Not because their parents don’t care, but because about 3% of households are severely food insecure, struggling to make ends meet, and simply not able to cover food costs on top of everything else. Of all the things I have done in my life, nothing makes me prouder than playing a part in this program, helping children stop worrying about whether they will eat at weekends. The food we send home with them costs just $10 per child per weekend, or $400 per child per year. With additional funding, we can commit to helping more children NOW and shortening the waiting list.

  11. So many hungry families in a relatively wealthy city: thanks to the efforts of the,volunteers who help to bridge that gap!

  12. Each candidate is doing fantastic work in our community, supporting people with many unique needs. I am voting for Food4Kids because children should not have to worry about where their next meal will come from. I am also energized knowing that all four local Rotary Clubs are collaborating to bring this program to our broad community, and to do so successfully,

  13. This program shouldn’t be necessary but, unfortunately, it is desperately needed. Imagine a small child possibly not eating anything between Friday lunch at school and Monday lunch at school. How can this be? And it’s happening right here in Guelph.

    Food4Kids ran a pilot program in Guelph for the last part of the school year (March to June 2018) and the feedback from the children, their parents and teachers was overwhelmingly positive and often emotional. Teachers say the children in the Food4Kids program are happier, healthier and perform better in class. Friday mornings, when the food bags are delivered to the schools (for the children to take home that day), are now happy and exciting days as these children now have something to look forward to.

    We can’t let them down.

  14. I am so proud to be part of Rotary supporting this community initiative helping feed hungry children on the weekends. The Food4Kids Guelph Steering committee is working hard to establish a sustainable program to support children and families living in food insecure situations. Our partnership with the school board has been amazing and we look forward to expanding the program further where we know the need is great and the children are waiting to join the program. Ultimately our goal is to work with our community partners to eliminate the need for programs like this to exist. Help us achieve these goals by voting for Food4Kids Guelph.

  15. A wonderful initiative by Rotarians. Ensuring that children in our community have the food they need to grow and thrive will lead them toward a healthier, brighter future.

  16. It’s difficult to believe that children don’t get enough food to eat in such a privileged country as ours. They need our help! ~

  17. We (Edelgard and Lutz Fullgraf) vote for Food4Kids Waterloo-Wellington because this organization supports the countries future by addressing nutritional needs of kids that otherwise would starve. All finalists represent commendable causes. The concept and dedication of Food4Kids is focussed, clear and simple and therefore has the greatest chance of being effective for their cause. That’s why this is the best choice for us.

  18. Congratulations to the volunteers who have taken on this program. Their enthusiasm is contagious. They spend Thursdays and Fridays packaging and delivering the food packs to the schools. It is a BIG commitment as well as an eye-opener to most citizens of the cities who have no idea that we have so many children who don’t have enough food to eat. A prize of $25,000 in support of Food4Kids would mean so much to Guelph Rotary to continue and expand the good work the volunteers do for the children in our community.

  19. I was shocked and saddened to hear about the need for this program. Thank you to the people who have taken action to help these children. The effect of feeding a child today will be felt in that child’s tomorrows.

  20. Buzz Aldrin’s said: "If we can conquer space, we can conquer childhood hunger."
    This amazing initiative is very close to my heart after a lifetime of service in education and witnessing first hand both the need and the difference a service of this kind can make to children.

  21. This is an amazing program that needs our support!!!! As a teacher, I know that kids can’t learn unless their basic needs are being met.

  22. Great program and a huge impact. It’s staggering how many kids are still hungry going beyond the existing school programs.

  23. It’s a wonderful program with wonderful volunteers I’m so proud guelph is so progressive to provide things like this to kids in need!

  24. Thank you to all of the Rotary Clubs for working so hard to make this work for the kids. No child should ever go hungry so this program is so very important.

  25. In this day and age no child should be worried about their next meal. I used to make an extra sandwich in my daughters lunch in case there was a schoolmate who "forgot" their lunch. It never came home.

  26. What a great program to reach some of the most vulnerable people in the community! Kudos to the 4 Rotary Clubs in Guelph for joining together to make this program happen.

  27. What a great program. I remember when I was younger and a community basket came to our family and how much we appreciated it. Awesome Rotary Club keep up the excellent work you do for our community.

  28. Thank you for your focus on helping children obtain the food needed to give them an opportunity to do well in our community.

  29. So pleased to see this excellent program as a finalist. As a new program locally, the prize money would give them financial security, so they can be sure of continuing to provide food security for kids. Children shouldn’t go hungry on weekends.

  30. Food is the fuel that all growing children need to help them grow, learn and progress. Without it, they are starting life behind the eight ball. This program addresses the needs of vulnerable children that are slipping through the cracks and not getting their much needed nourishment. Being a part of these children’s community village, it is our obligation to give them the help and support they need. Please vote to keep this program going.

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