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  1. I loved the idea of the subscription boxes and believe it is very important to definitively show the community support artists need as they struggle to make ends meet during the current pandemic.

  2. I can see how local artists are really affected by the pandemic! Love the work GAC is doing. 🙂

  3. Guelph Arts Council works so hard to help local artists. Any financial aid they receive will be used towards helping artists recover from COVID related financial loss; while helping organize arts events virtually, and keeping communications of arts events alive.

  4. Artists and their art work are of such importance to our well being and our community! Guelph Arts Council provides important services for artists and creates wonderful programs for our community.

  5. Great video! The Guelph Arts Council works tirelessly to support and advocate for the needs of our local arts community.

  6. Art is such a wonderful bring that brings us all together and has the potential to express our collective experiences.
    This project is so important because it supports artists and demonstrates that we acknowledge their value in our society

  7. We need art more than ever now – to bring people together and express the shared emotions, hope, and challenges during this pandemic. The tactics recommendeded here look like like they could really help foster the community we’re all craving. Go Arts Council!

  8. Many musicians, writers, makers and performers already had precarious incomes before the pandemic. With events and shows cancelled and venues closed, it’s even harder for them to make a living. Meanwhile, we all benefit from the arts and depend on them to help us cope and understand our lives. I like the way Guelph Arts Council is helping artists of all types find new ways to monetize their creative work.

  9. Loved the video! I’m glad that there is help available for artists that are struggling through the pandemic. We need to appreciate artists in the good times and the bad because without them the world would be a greater place!! 🙂

  10. Guelph Arts Council is so important in supporting local artists. Now more than ever artists in our communities need to be supported to help support the wider community.

  11. Artists are often the smallest of small businesses. They not only create their product, but must also market it and find a place to sell it. They need our support more than ever and this is a great way to do it.

  12. GAC has been a cornerstone for the arts community in Guelph. Efforts to keep the arts community bridged during this pandemic is vital. Let’s ensure that the GAC has the resources it needs to get the job done!

  13. Well said Patti. When times get tough, art and artists always seem to be forgotten or pushed to the wayside, just when we need them the most.

  14. Art in any form has always been good for the soul. However, during the pandemic it is more important than ever. Individual artists and arts organizations are struggling like everyone, but will be one of the last areas to return to fully functioning ways. The Guelph Arts Council is such an important umbrella for the arts community and raises its voice in support of these individuals and organizations.

  15. The Guelph Arts Council has been a champion of the arts for many years. This year has being particularly hard on artists of all types and making your living from the arts can be tenuous at the best of times. I love that the Guelph Arts Council is rising to the challenge to support artists during the pandemic.

  16. Artists have sustained huge losses these last months. The need to have an active and supportive community and funding is essential.

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