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  1. I loved their ideas for a travelling library crate and the youth mentorship program! I believe that this will have a great impact on the community, especially given the current social climate.

  2. The judge Erin Doherty made a comment in her post-pitch evaluation, about the combination of not just one pandemic but two — one pandemic are the injustices that the Black community has faced for nearly four hundred years in terms of discrimination and racism, and the second pandemic is the injustice that has been highlighted during this COVID-19 pandemic in terms of social inequalities and police brutality. With the resurgence of the Black Lives Matter movement this year, funding educational initiatives signal the start of uprooting racism and teaching youth that everyone matters.

  3. I love what the GBHS is proposing and creating in Guelph. They are lifting up voices of those who are underrepresented and giving opportunity to those who will continue that tradition for generations to come.

  4. There is an urgent need to finally start making significant progress in the war against racism in our community. We need to seize this time in history in which the issue has been highlighted by the recent horrible events published in the media. As the awareness has begun to be raised, so also does the opportunity to educate and move forward towards equality. Guelph Black Heritage is working tirelessly to achieve progress in this area. They deserve an award of funds to help them to achieve their goals on behalf of the BIPOC community.

  5. GBHS is doing great things for our community, and I wholeheartedly support their initiatives.

  6. GBHS is doing such amazing work. It’s a great organization bringing attention and awareness to Black experiences in Guelph. Denise and Kween are tremendous leaders!

  7. I love their clear objectives to provide mentorship for youth within the Black community and to expand the #ChangeStartsNow campaign which is so so important at this pivotal time in the social justice movement. The change starts now.

  8. I strongly believe that the youth of our black community is going to pave the way for our future.

  9. I strongly believe that the youth of our black community is going to pave the way of the future.

  10. Change starts with us recognizing that we have so much to learn, and it can begin with our schools!

  11. Donald Trump as called BLM a “very racist movement” and this message has propagated in conservative media. This necessitates the need for us to be more aware of black history to respond, without resorting to identity politics, to such attacks against BLM.

  12. The GBHS does excellent work in educating the residents of Guelph through educational resources and events.

  13. GBHS needs the opportunity to showcase their mission and foster education … our community should identify this as a top priority, the change starts now campaign is crucial to this development and such initiatives cannot be overlooked any longer. The staff work tirelessly and Guelph needs to amplify their voices/platforms 🙂

  14. I support their ideas to help the youngsters in the black community; This help is very much needed.
    They’re also giving a platform and a voice to those who were not represented well enough.

  15. Thank you GBHS for doing incredible things for the community, and having endless ideas.


  16. I think the Guelph Black Heritage Society is an organization dealing with very relevant issues both in the Guelph/Wellington community and also globally. The ideas presented in the video seem effective in reaching the charity’s desired audience. Additionally, ideas such as the “Travelling Library” seem quite unique and the list of resources that are to be implemented would greatly help in educating the community on Guelph’s Black heritage.

  17. The ideas around mentorship and education are so valuable. Also strengthening partnerships and creating new ones. Change Starts Now program is a great way to engage the community. Good work GBHS!

  18. I love GBHS’s plan to build networks, connections and resources to create and strengthen bonds across generations ! Their work is so important!

  19. This work is so important and necessary. It addresses programming and knowledge gaps in our community.

  20. #ChangeStartsNow campaign is a vital project that will education, connect and foster conversations in our community needed to fight racism and discrimination that continues to impact so many lives.

  21. It’s such a great initiative on coming from GBHS as they are making sure that a minority is being brought forth and raising their voice.

  22. GBHS is a place where the experiences of the black community are valued and amplified. Kween works hard at educating and trying make this world a better place for People of colour.
    I whole heartily support this organization. Black Lives Matter.

  23. The GBHS in general is doing ground breaking work for their city, specifically making a tremendous difference in the lives of youth. The #ChangeStartsNow campaign is encouraging youths both inside and outside of the BIPoC community to act with empathy and compassion, to honour their differences, and to draw strength from diversity. The key to further success and happiness for youths is an inclusive and kind environment and the GBHS honors and exhibits this at the highest standards.

  24. This is an important initiative that needs to be addressed, especially considering the current political climate. This is a great idea that starts change in the classroom and in the minds of our community’s future.

  25. A very important project that will help conserve Black heritage and culture in the community.

  26. The GBHS’s initiatives for mentorship and the engagement of youth along with resources will make an immensely positive change in our community.

  27. I think there’s an urgent need for programs of this nature in our communities. There is a lack of programming targeted at BIPOC youth and this addresses that lack. Love to see it

  28. Creating a future that is filled with acceptance of diversity, difference, and equality amongst all starts with educating the community on the importance of empathy, compassion, and open-mindedness. The GBHS is spearheading this movement by doing crucial work in our public schools and starting youth councils!

  29. Our community has more steps to go to be truly inclusive – We need to give GBHS all the support they need as they lead these initiatives to educate and improve Guelph!

  30. We need their work, it is outstanding and they do so much for the Guelph black community.

  31. Showcasing programs, mentorship and education is a wonderful way to open dialogue and celebrate diversity. It is a great addition to the community. #changestartsnow

  32. Creating a black youth council will give voice, power, and esteem to so many young people. We need this and all the work of the GBHS.

  33. Creating a black youth council will give voice, power, and esteem to so many young people. We need this and all the work of the GBHS.

  34. All the plans presented are an amazing idea. GBHS does so much to educate and create equity

  35. GBHS has endured so many hurdles while still maintaining their vision for the BIPOC community. I support this organization with my vote, please do the same for this endlessly hard working group, especially Kween who continues to give her heart and soul into GBHS’ work.

  36. GBHS has taken on a role all of us privileged enough should take. They have great initiatives that support the minority long term, and will help amplify their voices and make them heard after years of injustices and discrimination towards their community. #ChangeStartsNow!

  37. These programs will not only help the mentorees, but the community as a whole. One step at a time, this proposed mentoring program and the initiatives it has in place will create a better world for not only today’s communities, but for tomorrow’s as well. Great ideas, and best of luck!

  38. The Change Starts Now initiative will change our community for the better. Connection is more important now than ever. This is important work that must continue!

  39. This presentation tackles 2 issues at the same time. Recently there have been different messages out there with protests and police violence. For youth to navigate these messages alone when there is an ability to give them support and community to work through these challenges should never happen.

  40. Fully appreciate and commend GBHS’ astounding amount of work, energy, and dedication on their many existing and proposed projects. We all benefit immensely from their leadership in Guelph.

  41. I am so excited to vote for GBHS. They have a well designed plan to address the service gaps for BIPOC people in this community.

  42. The urgency of the initiative by the GBHS gets my vote. I love the multifaceted approach. I like the education boxes that can be shared in schools (slide mid-way into the presentation) to further provide good, GBHS-backed resources for instructors and teachers to use in their classrooms. Positive mentors/role models can have such a great impact on young people and their ability to succeed, and having a program specific to BIPOC communities is, in my opinion, more likely to be successful than a blanket, one-size-fits-all program that may not be equally accessible or attractive for all.

  43. GBHS is an outstanding example of how resilience and connection work together to build a stronger community. Great work you amazing people at GBHS for making Guelph a better place to live.

  44. I was one of the first to promote the purchase of the church along with Marva Wisdom before it became a reality. A reality it became. The works of Heritage Hall and all of those associated with it’s progress is commendable. Our culture is enhanced by the works of Heritage Hall. Carry on, I am with you.
    Martin Bosch

  45. The work that GBHS does is absolutely essential for a healthy and just society – not just for now but for future generations also

  46. GBHS provides great education, services and events for the Black community and the community as a whole. We need more organizations that focus on Black specific needs, and this is one of them. Black Lives Matter!

  47. I absolutely love the creativity of GBHS and applaud the hard work of it’s members. What they have achieved with the support of the community and friends of GBHS is nothing but remarkable.

  48. Very excited to cast my vote for GBHS and their #ChangeStartsNow education initiative! I’ve always admired the work of GBHS and their commitment to building a strong, just community. This multi-faceted initiative is an example of that commitment, and is needed now more than ever. Let’s make it happen!

  49. Valuable learning opportunities and experiences would be given to this community and the surrounding areas through the “Guelph Black Heritage Society” moving forward!

  50. I am impressed by the vision of the Black Heritage Society. Their recommendation to preserve Heritage Hall is well overdue. Also, their values of education and accessiblility are laudable. We have an important tradition to preserve here in Guelph!

  51. The clarity of the plan, the passion of the speaker, reflecting the organization, and above all the “four hundred years”. It is time.

  52. What great idea. These types of programming and ideas that help build a better community for everyone.

  53. They are doing important work and the history behind the building is amazing. I Hope they can continue. Bob Liptrap December 03 2020 at 2:00 PM

  54. I think the GBHS is so important for Guelph and the community and I think this would help them continue to do some amazing work!

  55. Wow! Well articulated idea for addressing social and racial justice in the community – and starting change now. Particularly love the focus on youth, business, and literacy.

  56. These initiatives are well thought out & much needed in our community. They are one of the many reasons I fully support GBHS! Keep up the great work! ♥

  57. The GBHS has been working hard to create a space for the BIPOC community in Guelph and provide and accessible and welcoming space to meet. They deserve all the support!

  58. The Black Heritage Society is doing critical work in Guelph and beyond educating, promoting, and supporting black people. Over the past years I have learned and enjoyed so many great initiatives that have made me, a privileged white person, a better person. It would be so wonderful to see their special project focussing on youth, supported by Oak Tree. It is so important in this day and age that black youth are nurtured so they can live up to their potential.

  59. Proud to live in a community that celebrates Black excellence and allows it to thrive through incredible programming, advocacy and community engagement.

  60. Guelph is steeped in white history. It is time to educate and involve the community in our incredible black heritage. This is a vibrant, necessary project and everyone involved at GBHS should be proud of what they have achieved so far!

  61. I attended the march downtown this summer. It was a loving and kind and respectful call to action.

  62. GBHS is a vital organization with Guelph. The #ChangeStartsNow initiative will provide essential resources to empower our community to connect our Black history, present and future.

  63. The #ChangeStartsNow education initiative and in particular the Youth Council will provide vital programming and resources for our community.

  64. This is such an important initiative for our community. Thank you GBHS for your great work.

  65. Happy to support an organization that is working to educate our community, eradicate ignorance and ensure that BIPOC voices are heard. The work of the GBHS is so critical and so deserving of this funding award.

  66. A truly amazing organization with great ideas of how to continue the important work they are doing in our community.

  67. The GBHS is providing essential services for our community, and I’d love to see the funding go towards something our city urgently needs.

  68. GBHS is such an intrinsic and essential service to this community, and their ability to continue their programming, teaching, and coming together is of upmost importance – this money will allow them to do just that!

  69. GBHS is doing vital and important work in the community and I would love to see them get the support and funding they deserve for their education campaign and beyond.

  70. Such great initiatives planned.

    Can’t wait to see all the great things they have planned come to fruition!

  71. Such important work. I’ve heard Kween speak on these issues and her dedication and passion are so obvious. This project deserves to be funded and supported.

  72. YES to #CHANGESTARTNOW! GHBS has been doing the hard for 10 years now…. by providing a safe place that enables people to unlearn their biases and often unknown oppressive ways + learn a correct version of history + how as individuals one can contribute to a positive, safe and equitable future for all people of colour. The GBHS provides serious topics for all learning styles in a variety of learning opportunities including speakers, film, music, dance, food and cultural events.
    The proposed project is an amazing opportunity for our community support an important initiative and to continue to grow and be empowered under the great GBHS leadership.

  73. A wonderful and positive initiative that I hope will bring the changes our community needs.

  74. A wonderful organization that deserves funding to address service gaps for our BIPOC community members!

  75. GBHS is such an inspiring force in our community, and these projects exemplify their commitment to celebrate, support and strengthen the lives of BIPOC in our area.

  76. Wonderful ideas! Very timely for getting more community awareness and engagement to this Guelph organization.

  77. An awakening is happening here in Guelph,thanks to GBHS,their
    Great initiatives for our youth,community and social ideas to create equity for all.

  78. GBHS is a unique organization that is making significant contributions to Guelph and Canada. I wholeheartedly support this program for young people

  79. I am a bit biased! But I just hope we are chosen to jump start 2021 in the right direction. Today marks 6 months since the protest and there is still so much work to be done. Thank you to our community.

  80. GBHS does tireless work. The fact that our police have more support and followers then GBHS is sad to see for our community. Let’s start of 2021 by supporting them!!

  81. I work with a diversity of young adults. Over and over I hear “there is no one that looks like me in that role, the media etc”. So, please read these words as I am a white woman. I mean no offence to the fabulous contenders for this grant who are also doing great work in the community. However, I could not help but notice that 3 of the 4 faces pitching are from the dominant culture. And, therefore, I can only guess that their network of partners and mentors will be primarily from their direct circles. I wonder where some of the young adults I work with now, would be had they had the opportunity to participate in the #ChangeNow initiative. Thus, I believe that the GBHS project will fill a role that these other groups may not be able to and, fill it with the correct people and knowledge. How can I as a member of the dominant culture be sure which resource is telling the true history; is expressing an accurate experience of a person of colour; the obstacles and challenges the youth may encounter? The GBHS is already a well established educational group doing exceptional work. They are directly connected to the community they will mentor; bring together outstanding community members (with lived experience as a person of colour) as mentors, and have an established network of suitable resources. My vote goes to the GBHS!

  82. The GBHS, through various activities and initiatives, has provided a platform for accessing information and perspective relevant to understanding the particular community it represents. I applaud the efforts of all who are intimately involved in the management of the society and everyone else who engages in support. So much can be achieved when time is spent understanding and getting to know the various communities that constitute the growing and diverse society. Special recognition for investing in the youth is well deserved.

  83. The GBHS has really leaned into modern technologies and methods of communicating an effective message with the masses, and does so in a way that can lead to real change. They’ve demonstrated time and time again racism doesn’t just exist in the far off land of the US – that it happens, and can be tackled, right here at home. The way they involve many stakeholders and community members speaks to a hopeful and collaborative spirit.

  84. All worthy causes, but for me right now – it is vital we make a difference in the bipoc community. We need to do EVERYTHING possible to change our system; to lift up the bipoc, and stamp out racism. This may mean, me, as the white person, heading to the back of the line!!

  85. GBHS is doing incredibly important work in the Guelph community. I vote for GBHS

  86. Important work that far too often gets skipped over when the funding is rolled out. This needs to be supported.

  87. GBHS has been engaging in essential community work to ensure we properly address systemic racism. They have my vote!

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