Stories and good wishes about “Guelph-Wellington Women in Crisis

  1. As a volunteer on the WIC crisis line for the past thirteen years, I have interacted with many of the women seeking help for themselves and their families, as well as the staff and other volunteers, a community determined to be inclusive, optimistic, and respectful. Residents offer to make coffee for me when the pot is emptied. They sit or play with their children. The laughter of the children brightens Marianne’s Place and my heart.

  2. WiC provides so many vital services and safe spaces to the folks in the Guelph-Wellington area. Would love to see them get more funding to continue their necessary and life saving services

  3. This collaboration will change many lives for the better and serve as a model for other shelters or similar organizations.

  4. To be dependent on someone who is violent towards you must knock you to the ground, not always physically but emotionally. We help our clients to help themselves in getting away from this life and to build a new, safer and happier life.

  5. WIC always gets my vote! So much work to do, so much being done and such an important community partner working on gendered violence. Good luck.

  6. Being a sister shelter, HWP understands what $25,000 can do to help women and children in need of vital life altering services. Best of luck to Guelph Wellington Women In Crisis. – Diane Beaulieu, Executive Director.

  7. WIC has been integral in helping women for many years. They make a difference and need to continue to do so as times get harder.

  8. WIC already provides so many amazing services – adding this mental health component is an important step to help women and children thrive.

  9. I had an opportunity to visit Women In Crisis on the United Way "Seeing is Believing" tour. An incredible team that supports our community!

  10. Violence against women is often a ‘hidden secret’ and it is taboo to talk about it. Women’s Shelters and Sexual Assault Centres need outside funding and grants to survive to be able to be available to women and their children.
    WIC makes a real difference that cannot be ‘advertised’ in traditional ways.
    Lives are changed and saved every day.
    I celebrate their ‘below the radar’ efforts and hope that they can receive this funding to continue to make a real difference.

  11. GWWIC provides vital services to their community. We all have the responsibility to end violence against women, promote healthy relationships and ultimately save lives. Let your voice be heard by a vote for this innovative program

  12. Guelph Wellington Women In Crisis have been working to support women, to provide preventative education and to work in collaboration with a great many partners in the community for many, many years. They are a pillar and a beacon of hope for many. They need and deserve our support.

  13. Promoting an end to violence against women is more than important work, it can save lives
    Good luck!

  14. A vote for Women in Crisis is a statement that violence against women must not be tolerated and will also provide much needed funds to support their work and spread the message.

  15. Violence against women, children, trans people, prevents them from being full members of their families and communities. Changing lives in this way changes societies more broadly.

  16. The addition of this project would enhance the valuable services offered by Guelph Wellington Women in Crisis to the women and children they serve. Good luck!

  17. Best of Luck GWWIC. As the ED of a VAW Shelter I know too well how limited our financial resources are. I know you will do great things for women and children if you are the recipient of these funds.

  18. Having visited the facility, it is an amazing space with growing vision for survivors and their families.

  19. Guelph-Wellington Women in Crisis provides incredible support and resources for women and children in our community. Good luck!

  20. GWWIC is a vital community service for the health and well-being of Guelph-Wellington. The funds are critical to enhance their service delivery and on-going community work in Guelph and throughout Wellington County. An honour to become a finalist. Great work!!

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