Integrated Youth Services Network

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  1. I have worked with a peer support program and I have found it to be an incredibly rewarding experience, and I am certain that there is tremendous power in youth supporting youth, especially when it comes to their health! This project has my full support!

  2. The mission of the Integrated Youth Services Network is an important one that addresses the urgent needs of youth in our community!

  3. A great approach and urgently needed. I love the collaboration of community agencies coming together to wrap themselves around this need and drive effective solutions, fast.

  4. Personally, this cause holds value dear to my heart and I would like to see the youth of Wellington-Guelph be strengthened and supported

  5. As a Peer Helper at the University of Guelph I’ve directly seen how programs like this one can benefit those who are involved. I’ve seen these benefits in other university students and think that a youth program would be so fantastic. Peer support is a game-changer when it comes to working through struggles and set backs. This kind of support has been lacking especially since Covid, and this program will be so important in bring that support back into the community.

  6. This is a fantastic project as it will not only be led by youth but developed and implemented with the input from youth.

  7. I believe a youth support group would be beneficial to the community because it will allow young individuals to identify with others who may experience similar challenges and find trust in those their age.

  8. The IYSN’s peer support program will be transformative for so many youth in our area! Having a place like this to walk (or Zoom) in, and knowing that someone their age will be there to guide them, is so critical for youth at this moment. Any youth, urban or rural, from any background will benefit from this amazing work! I can’t wait to watch this program build up our future leaders and have a long-lasting ripple effect.

  9. The Peer Support Program will address an urgent and rising crisis among youth. We need more safe spaces for youth to feel accepted and free to Express themselves and get the help that they need. I think this program will contribute a great service to the community.

  10. I feel this service is definitely most important for today’s young adults especially during these trying times

  11. Engaging youth is a core value of this project. By working with youth we can build a peer support program that build capacity, skills and engagement across our community. Thank you!

  12. I support this project- an idea that has grown in a year from a dream to a reality due to the tremendous collaborative efforts and leadership shown by community partners invested in youth mental health. An investment onbthe future of our community.

  13. The IYSN will support a number of sites around the city and county, all of which support youth on a daily basis.

  14. Never has the need been so great to provide a fully integrated, safe and welcoming spot for youth to come together to deal with the challenges they are facing. Thank you IYSN!

  15. It is exciting to have youth involved in the planning of services specific to the mental health help that is so needed and made even more urgent by the pandemic.

  16. This is an important project for the youth in our area and would provide opportunities for them to have positive experiences. This project will help us to support, work with and guide our youth!

  17. The need in communities for projects involving youth is so great. I support all of the agencies working toward this goal.

  18. I’m a new resident to the area and it’s great to see this collaborative initiative. Building spaces for dialogue, learning, trust, and creativity can lead to increased wellness for youth in the community. Looking forward to seeing this program grow.

  19. IYSN has given that opportunity to help youth find a connection and maintain support. This has never become more required as during our time continuing to battle COVID-19. More than ever our communities need this kind of help! That is where my vote is going!

  20. Due to the pandemic, these services are needed on a monumental level to support youth mental health! Excited to see this program come to life!

  21. The IYSN is a valuable initiative which would offer opportunities to empowering youth, enabling them make a difference and impact the community.

  22. Such an important initiative. The collaboration is key in making these incredible services readily available for our youth!

  23. Great initiative. Definitely needed in our area.

    Great job done by all getting this off the ground.

  24. This is such a great project with so many individuals who are passionate about what they do behind it.

  25. Current times have truly shown the urgent need for a youth-based mental health support service that can provide invaluable assistance and resources to younger people who are troubled, unhappy and disturbed. The IYSN will provide this vital hub in Guelph and area. Your support of this project will help to make it a reality and transform the lives of so many who -both now and in the future- seek the care and understanding of our community, Thank you!

  26. Amazing community collaboration! Such a needed service in our community for youth mental health!

  27. I SUPPORT IYSN !! Having a safe place where youth that can make things feel like home and familiar is so critical! This will be life changing and so so needed especially now! Give these youth a place to go :)!

  28. Peer support, peer mentoring and peer coaching is great tools for youth development.. great project!

  29. This is a wonderful cause, and much-needed for the youth in our community. Thank you for leading this important work.

  30. I support the IYSN IT’S a resource that’s needed for our youth, today, tomorrow and the future!

  31. Very impactful presentation. Mental wellbeing is one of the most pertinent issues we face today. Combatting this crisis should be our number 1 priority and the IYSN represents a great place to start.

  32. Can’t wait to see the huge impact this project is going to have on our community! Huge thanks to everyone who has contributed!!

  33. This is absolutely a wonderful project and need to be supported. In our community youth and young adults are powerful agents of change in behavioral heath care and they need to be embraced and guided. I fully support this project.

  34. This is such an important and necessary initiative to support youth in the Guelph and Wellington area! As a university student, I know I would have really appreciated having such a resource growing up, and I know there will be so many that will benefit from this integrative program.

  35. An incredible mandate… so much need in the community… I encourage others to join in and vote for IYSN!

  36. This program provides much needed support to a community that has been struggling and striving to help it’s youth.

  37. This is a project that we have worked on for a long time and fills a need, not just in pandemic times.

  38. This initiative is a powerful tool in addressing the needs of youth at risk, and a step in reinventing the way we empower our youth to be healthy, stable, happy, and contributing members of their communities!

  39. Being a peer helper, especially in the COVID situation, teaches me that connection and support are very important to overcome difficult situations together. This project is very promising in the face of encouraging that rapport relationship between youths!

  40. I feel that the IYSN is a much needed cause, because there are already so many youth struggling with mental health issues, and probably even more so now during these trying times of Covid. I love that it’s based on Inclusion, Diversity and Community! I also love that it’s “Youth led” because “the Youth are Our Future!” It’s a “Win-Win” for both the youth who need the support as well as those who provide the support, because it will be very rewarding for them to see the outcomes of their contributions! Therefore IYSN definitely has my vote!

  41. Wow! What an incredible endeavour! I work with teenagers regularly and this is a great project for youth development. Congrats to everyone who is dedicated to this project. Brilliant initiative to help our youth.

  42. This is such a great initiative, to have trained young people helping and supporting their peers who are struggling with mental health. Great presentation.

  43. This seems like a great project that will enrich the lives of youth greatly and improve their health

  44. I have heard about the Integrated Youth Service Project from providers and feel that a place for Youth to connect would be beneficial in our community and surrounding areas. I think that this is a wonderful opportunity to connect many service providers to Youth as well.

  45. Cyndy’s project is changing the lives of youth in the Guelph area in such a positive way. Amazing project!!!

  46. There is a critical need for youth mental health services in our community. This project promises to deliver services designed with youth and by organizations working together toward a common goal.

  47. Our youth need help, more and more with each generation. Youth need to know where to go, consistently, to get that help and direction.
    This project says “we hear you” .

  48. So thrilled to see this initiative coming to fruition for youth in our community. It is needed now more than ever before and the collaborative efforts on this project from our community organizations are fantastic!

  49. This project is a foundational piece of supporting youth to engage in the community and when needed to seek help. It is a very important piece of promoting life and therefore preventing suicide

  50. The Integrated Youth Service Network has bee a long time in formation and gives promise of much needed support to youth in the community.

  51. This is an incredible project to help and support youth struggling with mental health. More effective resources are needed now more than ever.

  52. Positive role modelling and support for those that need it, especially when they are younger, can have such a tremendous and life-long impact. I fully support this program!

  53. Youth support shapes future generations and this program will help support our community’s youth now and in the future.

  54. This project is a worthwhile support for youth in Guelph and surrounding area. WE cannot have a strong community without the youth being a vital part. It has my support.

  55. As someone who was involved in the early stages of the IYSN, I see the Network as not only a resource for youth in this region, but as a model that will influence service provision in many communities. It is a unique model that is attracting attention across the province and the country.

  56. Youth leading youth always works and there are some wonderful youth out there willing to offer help to those who may be struggling. Great concept!

  57. I really support the cause of Youth Service Network, it is a great organization and gives the much needed the youth of the community need

  58. Building a hub will simplify the process of getting help. Youth shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to get help. Collaborating with other agencies and getting the message out to youth in need, using age-appropriate platforms, seems to be the best approach for maximum impact and community support.

  59. This is a wonderful project that will aide in supporting so many youth within our communities. Mental health is so important and our youth would benefit from such a valuable program in place to support them.

  60. Mental health services, especially for youths, is always an important part of an thriving community!

  61. As a U of G student, and youth, I see the value in this amazing project. The value and importance is focuses regarding youth support and wellness is what we need! The individuals’ a part of this project are here to make a difference.

  62. I’m excited to see the results of this project! Our community is in need.

  63. This amazing project for youth in our community bringing organizations and agencies together will provide much-needed support for the young citizens in our community. In fact, it may provide a model for other communities to follow. The visionaries of the “Youth Hub” are to be congratulated.

  64. What a great investment in the mental wellness of youth – the benefits to our youth will last a lifetime.

  65. Congratulations…It is fantastic to see a youth program designed for youth, with youth input , for them to be involved in and benefit from in a current evolving hub. Great program.

  66. Always relevant, but especially in our current climate. This initiative has the potential to break down barriers and to provide our local Youth with the support they need. Such a great project.

  67. What a great program! Peer support for youth offers so many benefits along with great leadership qualities to help these youth grow.

  68. Congratulations Guelph and Wellington for your leadership in this area. Transformation needs to happen and you are the community to do it!

  69. The IYSN is a pioneer is transforming health systems to better meet the significant needs of children and youth. It is grounded in solid research evidence, supported by a grassroots, collaborative implementation strategy, and is introducing major innovations that are designed to increase the reach of services to the most vulnerable and marginalized youth in the region. It also offers the promise of serving as a model for other jurisdictions in Canada.

  70. Absolutely yes. I think this initiative is critical, especially with COVID weighing on us for another year at least.

  71. When partners come together with a shared and unified vision, that talent and energy can and will result in real life changes for our youth. Having youth work with youth towards these goals only makes the outcome even more achievable. So proud to be able to support this initiative!

  72. IYSN represents a refreshing vision for the future of youth! A great organization that is centered around the voice of youth themselves!

  73. I support IYSN. A creative and thoughtful collaboration of services and support for our youth.
    Thank you to all at IYSN.

  74. This initiative is widely needed in Guelph and Wellington County. The new site coming to Minto is going to be a tremendous addition to our community!

  75. All these projects will make meaningful contributions. While I wish I could vote for them all, this year I vote for IYSN. It will become an oak tree for youth when they need it and it will build strong connections between organizations.

  76. Because it is so difficult to navigate mental health and wellness resources, especially as a youth. This program has so much potential to support youth in our community and it is desperately needed!

  77. This well thought out program fills a gap for service to Youth in the Guelph region, and possibily many other regions and communities across our province. A successful program in this area, has the potential to become a model and testing ground to help young people in need futher afield.

  78. My amazement continues about how today’s youth can put aside the B.S. around them and produce programs like this to help, not just themselves, but society, now and in the future. Congratulations to all!

  79. When assessing the likely impact of any new organization, it’s wise to take a hard look at its leadership… the heart for those in need, the experience available to meet the need, the energy and enthusiasm to sustain inevitable challenges. The IYSN, an idea so worthy of the best time and talent available… has it. In spades. This organization, from its local initiators who dreamed of making a difference, to the leader recruited to bring the dream to life, all are all worthy of our support. They are the best!

  80. An amazing group of community minded people working tirelessly to serve their communities offering equally incredible project options!


    IYSN will be a great support for our Youth in Guelph and Wellington County.
    Youth need help more than ever.
    A great project.

  82. This initiative is more important now than ever before. The need for IYSN has never been greater. What an amazing inspirational and transformational project! I’m optimistic about the possibilities!

  83. Great project! Supporting youth in the Community is needed and this initiative makes that support possible.

  84. A wonderful whole community initiative. Congrats to the founders for your vision and persistence.

  85. This will make a huge difference in the quality of life for many struggling young people in our community. Rotary is proud to be a major partner in this exciting endeavour.

  86. We are very excited about the Integrated Youth Services Network and can’t wait to see how this amazing initiative will shape the supports Guelph/Wellington offers their youth. St. John Bosco is a big supporter!!!! Good Luck!

  87. For decades, the need for better coordination and easier navigation of youth services has been known. Existing support services, often outstanding and individually doing great work, are largely separate from one another. I applaud IYSN for finding a way to improve this situation, making it easier for youth to navigate the system, with the full involvement of both youth and service agencies in how it should work. This will TRULY make a positive and long-term difference in our community. Thank you for your inspiring vision and hard work to make this happen.

  88. This is a much needed service. We all are aware that peer involvement can make such a difference where youth are concerned and the fact that youth in distress will be listened to by other youth and then shown the community services available to them to provide help is very important.

  89. IYSN was introduced to me a few months ago. I’m thrilled to help support the advancement of the project.

  90. So needed and valued in this community- I am honoured to be part of this program and build!

  91. Integrated youth services have such immediate impacts for at risk youth in our city. All of the candidates are deserving and it was a tough choice for me, but the immediacy of the need and the tangible impacts of the initiative have led me to support integrated youth services in Guelph.

  92. I have worked with youth in Guelph and Wellington County for the past 30 years.
    This project is needed now more than ever!

  93. The IYSN has been a labour of love by so many good people who care deeply about mental health. It’s terrific to see the community come together to uplift youth who are struggling. The need is great.

  94. Youth in rural Wellington County do not have access to youth focused health and employment services. IYSN is an innovative response to this need.

  95. Nice to see the collaboration making a difference to the youth population who needs support so much.

  96. What could be better than youth leading youth? A youth peer support program is a fabulous concept creating opportunities for youth leadership, peer mentorship and youth acceptance.

  97. What an awesome project. Our future is in the hands of our youth . I vote for supporting them.

  98. This is an awesome cause! I am very happy to be a part of the ISYN! This is much needed for the youth in our community and help build resilience and provide support.

  99. This transformational program, designed by youth for youth, is much-needed in our community. IYSN is an excellent example of community collaboration.

  100. There is a critical need for youth mental health and support services like IYSN in our community. I’m impressed that the IYSN vision has expanded to include so many service partners and multiple sites throughout Guelph and Wellington County.

  101. I recently had the priviledge of attenting a Zoom meeting on this project and was impressed with the caliber of leadership and the scope of the services offered through the region for Youth.
    I am sure they will use the grant wisely.

  102. With alarming increases in health issues with our Youth this is a much needed organization. We are the “village” for our children!~

  103. Wonderful project — we need to listen to our youth,support them in their vision and embrace their ideas for the future of our community.Please don’t forget the youth with special needs – they have aspirations too!

  104. This group is integrated in so many ways. Lots of momentum through local and provincial connections. This project is a trail-blazer!

  105. Our youth are our future and we need to give them a place to go if they need help. Some youth feel like they have no place to turn – no one to listen.

  106. Having worked at Ontario Works at the Region of Waterloo for almost 30 years in the shelters system, I am well aware of the level of mental health issues amongst our youth. This sounds like a valuable project!

  107. More than ever we need professionals to assist the youth of today and their families in providing coping skills , so that they learn the skills required to succeed in today’s competitive world. This not only applies to education, it teaches them to develop a positive attitude and having the right attitude can carry a person a long way along the road of life. Perhaps it’s the most thing, as it relates to developing relationships with their peers. Having an organization in our community ,such as described by IYSN , is critical for the development of our youth and a great support for families ,teachers and all those associated with young people.

  108. As a parent of two teens I know first have how important it is for youth to build connection and have support in their community. This peer to peer model is a great approach and allows youth voices to be heard – providing programs and services by youth, for youth. And like an “oak tree” will allow youth to set firm roots as a foundation from which to grow and flourish.

  109. What a needed and worthwhile project. Money spent now will pay such dividends later in our society.
    Thank you to the visionaries.

  110. An innovative initiative to promote leadership skills for the mentors while giving those struggling to find their way a sense of support and direction. I love that it is an open network not targeted at any specific sub groups within that age range. Has my vote!

  111. As a young adult who has struggled with mental health my whole life, I would have benefitted so largely from a network such as this growing up. Mental health support is so incredibly important, yet it is exceptionally difficult to acquire in a truly helpful way. This service will be absolutely life-changing for countless youth.

  112. A very important project tackling an important cause, especially in the background of the current pandemic. Thank you for providing a safety net for our youth!

  113. It is amazing how much this team has accomplished in such a short time. There is still so much more to do and so many more youth to help. Thanks!

  114. Youth mental health care is so important. The mental health pandemic will far outlast the Covid pandemic and we need resources like this.

  115. As a youth, newly living in Guelph, I really see the value in this. Supporting the youth ensures they build the fundamentals to become healthy individuals.

  116. Guelph has needed this for a long time. Thanks to all who are working so hard to make this a reality.

  117. I have witnessed the impact that is possible when walking together with someone who has been down a similar road – and has emerged to find the light at the end of what seems to be an endless worm hole – the lived experience brings a certain validation, truth and empathy to bear on the healing process. So pleased that this essential service could be available to our youth and young adults. Kudos to those involved in this pitch!

  118. The team at the Homewood Research Institute looks forward to working closely with Cyndy and her team at iYSN!

  119. Connecting youth to resources in ways that are youth friendly and accessible! -IYSN mirrors this!

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