Stories and good wishes about “Lakeside HOPE House

  1. HOPE House walks beside people in need. It does things "with" people, not "to" them, "at" them, or "for" them.

  2. One year ago I was fortunate to be introduced to HopeHouse by a friend. The first day I went there I felt the sense of community immediately – people helping others, without judgement. There is a respect here for others we don’t always see outside these walls. This community eatery is another way to make a difference by going after “core issues” and actively provide solutions to those issues each and every day!

  3. The hopehouse helps so many people in need from all walks of life. I started volunteering there Oct 2017 and since then I have come out of a shell and have changed my life so much they helped me when my depression wanted to take over me.. they have encouraged me in my struggle with weight and are always there to talk when needed and encourage me every day.

  4. Lakeside HOPE House s an amazing place with incredible community members, staff, volunteers, students all pulling together. With the addition of a program for youth, HOPE House will expand it services to another population that is in need of a hand up.

  5. Giving back is the key to moving community forward- HH is all about opportunity to make change!!

  6. Hope House Food Shelve has helped me and my partner numerous times and I just want to thank you so much.

  7. I have been attending Lakeside Downtown – the church connected to HOPE House – for over a year now. A lot of the HOPE House community members are also members of the Lakeside Downtown community and are passionate about serving and loving their neighbours. They give generously, encourage each other ceaselessly, and love in a way that is so pure and so genuine… they care about each other deeply and know each other intimately. I have no doubt that the Community Eatery would continue to touch and change the lives of people in the Guelph community, as the influence of HOPE House continues to spread using evidence-based practices and grace-based values. Human dignity for all is what they’re after, and I truly believe that the Eatery can accomplish this in a way that only the beautiful people of HOPE House can!

  8. Lakeside Hope House has such a strong commitment and diversity of programs to meet the needs of youth and others in our community. I support their vision and want to cast my vote for them!

  9. I was a volunteer there for a year and still volunteer when needed. It’s a great place helping many people!

  10. I love this initiative. I know many people with addiction, chronic pain, mental health etc. and the common theme among all of them is wanting to feel like they are part of society and can contribute back to their communities, to feel like they are doing something worthwhile. I feel like The Lakeside Hope House will help to provide this opportunity while bringing all walks of life together in a safe environment.

  11. I love what Hope House has continued to accomplish to help those in need over the past six years. This new initiative is so very exciting!!

  12. Through the initial purchase of the Facility that accomdates Hope House it has been an amazing journey to watch the helping hand impact that it truly has for the community of Guelph

  13. Hope House continues to invest in the homeless in the Guelph area. This money can help get the cafe up and running to give the clients a chance to work with an organization who will help train them.

  14. Voting for this years Oaktree award for a grand prize of $25,000 begins TODAY!
    I am inspired how Hope House wants to invest in the next generation. As a parent of teenagers, I see what it is like for those entering the work force, and know how expensive post secondary education is.

    “We are creating an eatery to employ, train and connect youth to a variety of opportunities so they can engage in the community as leaders.”- Leadership is taughted, leaders are cultivated.

    “Our social enterprise program is geared toward people ages 18-30, the most important time in a person’s life in relation to breaking the cycle of generational poverty! Employment, training, and connection = elevated feelings of empowerment and confidence, applicable skills and resume building! This is not a band-aid program! This has the potential to be a permanent solution to overcoming poverty for its participants! “ – not a hand out, breaking the property cycle- brilliant!

    Thank you Hope House for investing in the future leaders of our community.

  15. Hope House continually strives to meet and love people where they are at, and provide practical solutions in the community.

  16. Hope house is such a welcoming place and is making a real difference in our community. I love their new initiative, an eatery! This is going to be so empowering for our youth and will truly change lives! Thanks Hope House for continuing to be a community leader!

  17. Every day I seem to hear something positive about Hope House and the community that is being created. I would like to add my vote. Thank you.

  18. Hope House is providing an amazing service to the Guelph community and it’s ideas like this that will make a real difference.

  19. This great organization helps many families within my neighbourhood with food, clothing , backpacks, Christmas hamper and many more services and support!

  20. My wife and I moved to Guelph a year ago and were immediately drawn to the welcome of Hope House. The emphasis on community based solutions is essential, and is also unique in many ways to the culture that we’ve been able to experience in Guelph. We’ve always been proponents of sustainable empowerment leading to self-advocacy and independence (or interdependence) through community.

  21. I love the social enterprise idea that they have here. To give people the opportunity to do something and learn something when others wont give them that opportunity. 5 years ago I dropped out of college not sure what I was going to do but thankfully I found someone who had an open heart to take me on and teach me the way of the industry even though I didn’t have the schooling and I am so thankful for that. I believe I know the industry much better now more than I could have in school and thats all because of one person willing to take a chance on me. I think that this social enterprise that Hope House is wanting to embark on is just that, it is giving people a chance at a new life.

  22. The Hope House team is one of the most talented teams I’ve ever seen. I’ve seen the power of social enterprise work around the world, and I believe it can work here too!

  23. What I love about the upcoming Eatery program is it’s potential to really stop the cycle of generational poverty in it’s tracks! Youth who have been raised in poverty are offered an opportunity, through this program, to gain employment, training, and connection, which helps to elevate feelings of empowerment and confidence, applicable skills and resume building! This program is destined to change lives and the lives of generations thereafter! Sustainability is key and so I cast my vote in hopes that the $25,000 will land at HOPE House!

  24. HOPE House has become an extension of my family. The emphasis on building community makes each and every day a privilege to work here.

  25. I have seen first hand how hope house helps marginalised people in the Guelph community by giving them a place to belong and get the help they need to thrive not just survive.

  26. I volunteer st Hope House which is a wonderful community environment which helps our most vulnerable people.

  27. Lakeside Hope House holds space for everyone, from the new Canadian wanting to learn about our ways, the challenged who need a safe environment to learn about who they are, the disadvantaged who want an opportunity to change and grow, for those Guelph residents who have experienced value and success in their lives and want to give back to the community, Tere is a place at Hope House. To expand programming to help more of the community is of vital importance.

  28. HOPE House embodies the idea of community being the response to socio-economic challenges and addiction. I’ve seen first hand the incredible challenges that people have faced, and the support that HOPE House has given them to be able to thrive on their own.

  29. I love working at HOPE House! Everyday I see people accessing important resources like food, clothing, a haircut or simply dropping in for coffee to sit and chat with a friend. I love being a part of this community. There’s no "us" and "them". It’s just "us"!

  30. HOPE House has been the reminder I did not know I needed to not judge someone’s circumstance. “A hand up rather than a hand out” is how HOPE House operates within the community and this project exemplifies that mindset.

  31. HOPE House welcomes everyone and provides a space and resources for everyone to achieve their best.

  32. Hope House focuses on the aspect of community which is so incredibly important. This program will impact so many lives.

  33. Connecting with Hope House is life changing….for each person/everyone! So inclusive & welcoming & equipping & loving

  34. I follow Hope House online because I do not live near there. Every time I see what they are doing, I am inspired to do more. The work they do extends beyond the neighborhood. I would vote over and over if I could.

  35. As someone who has worked in the helping field for nearly 15 years, I can honestly say that HOPE House is the best agency I’ve ever worked for! Integrity, warmth, and community building fuel everything we do 🙂

  36. Hope House is a place to build hope. The people who are there believe in the power of love and commitment.

  37. Before the last provincial election, at its regular mid-morning breakfast, Hope House held a candidates meeting and did a great deal to inform its guests about the election, had candidates seated at various tables, and made it possible for people who usually couldn’t/didn’t vote to become registered. This is just one example of Hope House’s giving the more marginalized a voice and equipping them to participate in society.

  38. Hope House is an integral part of downtown Guelph. I spent an upliftiing day working alongside others in the community chopping vegetables to create pots and pots of soup to share with everyone. I learned so much and met so many. This is an excellent investment in the City and its surrounding population.

  39. Hope House is such an asset to the Guelph community. This new initiative is yet another example of how they’ve been able to identify a need within our community, and develop a program to assist in filling that hole. They continue to offer a welcome, safe environment. They have my vote!

  40. As a student, I volunteer with Hope House throughout the school year, and it’s been a really great experience and learning opportunity. Even though I didn’t know anyone or have any connections to Hope House at the beginning, I felt really welcomed and a part of the community. They have so many awesome programs and services and I really appreciate their approach to community development by acknowledging that "community is the opposite of poverty".

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