Stories and good wishes about “Shelldale Better Beginnings, Better Futures

  1. I grew up in these programs and they helped me a lot socially and academically. There are so many progams for all ages and the centre is so diverse it feels like a second home.

  2. Thanks to Shelldale Family Gateway, many residents are being given the skills and have gained the confidence to become the community leaders of tomorrow.

  3. I can’t stress enough what a difference this program makes in this community. This opportunity has the potential to change and positively influence the lives of so many families. Great work Shelldale Family Gateway Outreach Team!

  4. I cant express how much The Shelldale Family Gateway programs have impacted my life and countless others! Without these programs the community wouldn’t be the same, its a welcoming centre that offers programs for everyone to enjoy.

  5. My kids love going the events here and camps everyone in here always makes you feel welcome 🙂 this is a great place ! Keep up the great work !!

  6. Shelldale family gateway offers support to a community that really requires it.. Feom offering breakfast to anyone in the community in need of it as well as babyday and groups and the amazing staff and youth programs and outreach they really make a huge difference in this community and are most deserving of this ballot and the prize so that they may continue to provide outreach which in the community is most needed

  7. Shelldale Community Centre has done wonders for many children in my life in the past few years as I watch them grow and mature and learn to explore! Now my own daughter attends the weekly play groups and has started to do the exact same thing in such a short period of time! I couldn’t imagine my kids now not having the same opportunties to grow and learn and explore as they attend events and play groups!! Shelldale Deserves this!

  8. This community has worked very hard for the past 25 years to build strong supportive programs for chikdren and families.
    The parents want to do more for their community which demonstrates the good work that’s being done.

  9. Shelldale does amazing things for all the families in our community, and offers so many great programs. This program is wonderful and I hope to see it succeed!! Shelldales Outreach Team is a group of amazing women!

  10. Shelldale’s outreach team brings the community together in a positive manner and encourages us to help each other and ourselves in times of need.

  11. Shelldale has helped me with my son who has special needs and they have supported me through rough times.

  12. Our mother volunteered and worked in this community center for many years as well as ourselves in our younger years . When the say the word community they really mean it in so many ways .

  13. Growing up being part of the community and this center has made my sister and I the kind people that we are today ,cause our mom got involved and never stopped even through the years . Seeing everyone’s smiling faces.

  14. I found Shelldale at a time in my life when I really needed some help. The centre’s programs have taught me how to be a better mom to my kids and has completely changed my life. So grateful to be a part of such a wonderful community.

  15. I’ve been going to Shelldale with my mom since I was a little girl. And have had the opportunity to meet some amazing people!!

  16. Shelldale Family Gateway helps the community out in so many ways. I love the way they treat people like family and always try there hardest to help someone out. They have help my family out in so many way I don’t know what I would have done if they we not there

  17. Why is Shelldale very dear ro me? Because D – Diverse community;
    E- Engaging with children and their families with their needs ;
    A- Accepting who you are regardless of skin colour;
    R- Respect that gives strong hope and keeps you motivated to have a happy and healthy life.

  18. People working together to help themselves, their neighbours and the young families, helping support better beginnings and better futures, love!

  19. Been apart of this community for many ,many years and this center is critical and needed in this community. They work hard and deserve this.

  20. I grew up in the programs since I was a wee lad. My family and I have gotten a lot out of the various programs offered. I owe my life to this organization, they’ve helped me become the person I am today and I will always be grateful for that. I love helping and being involved in my community. Always a good time at the dale!

  21. Shelldale has had a profound impact on making me who I am today. Ever since I was a little kid to being where I am today, I dedicated my successes to Shelldale as the staff who work there make a difference that lasts a lifetime to the greater community. Having this extra funding will help them greatly and reach to the greater community and help other your and families like mine grow, strive and succeed in their own lives. I appreciate all Shelldale and their staff have done and I hope to continue to help them with anything they need.

  22. What a great team of people who work here. The care and respect they show towards everyone is overwhelming.

  23. Shelldale not only offers so much for the community but the workers are amazing with the children. They offer a safe and comfortable environment for the children to go. The workers know all the children by name and go above and beyond for them. My daughter truly loves shelldale and look’s forward to going.

  24. Shelldale is a wonderful center for the community. The support and care families get is outstanding. The staff goes above and beyond to help families in need. You can’t find this gem any where else! Thank you Shelldale!

  25. Shelldale has helped me during my first year in Canada. Moving in Canada had a great impact to me and my kids. With Shelldale’s staffs who assisted us during our transition years, I cannot say more but only bunch of thanks. My kids love attending their programs which I believe had helped them a lot. Shelldale will always be a big part of our lives here in Canada. Kudos!

  26. Sheldale brings our community together in a lot of ways . My children and I enjoy going to the many programs that they offer.

  27. The amazing thing about this particular project is that it comes from the community itself. This project is about neighbours looking out for neighbours. This Community Outreach Team evolved from a group of community members showing concern for their neighbours who might be needing a little extra support (whatever that might be). This is far more powerful than an organization deciding who, how, and when to help because when neighbours reach out to others in community it helps to build a stronger, more supportive and connected community. It truly takes a village to raise a child and this project puts the power back within the village. Help support this amazing initiative and the incredible volunteers who have dedicated their time and have shown an enormous amount of passion, commitment and genuine care for their Onward Willow Community neighbours.

  28. Thrilled to support the community, as well as the incredible volunteers who dedicate their time and talents. There are so many great opportunities to build n the work being done here!

  29. Just knowing Shelldale is there for the community is a big relief. Living in one of the most diverse and impoverished neighbourhoods, the Shelldal Family Gateway provides a hand up to many people that need one.

  30. Shelldale Family Gateway is a fantastic centre and they have the best staff and programs for the youth. I’m currently a student on placement and really enjoy working along the staff and getting to spend time with the youth.

  31. Words alone can’t describe how unbelievable Shelldale is to this community. How much support and opportunities have been showered on me there. How dedicated and wonderful and understanding the staff and volunteers are. Walk into Shelldale and try not to leave feeling connected, appreciated, relieved, happy about yourself or others around you or just becoming a better person than when you first walked in. Shelldale is a special place to me and the people there are family.

  32. I believe in all of the good that Shelldale has to offer. My son is involved and I have no other family in Canada and feel that the people and the community are our family. I am member of the Outreach Team and have made many new connections and friends by being involved. I have over come many of my own personal issues by staying connected and involved.

  33. I love Shelldale.The fist time, when I came Canada with my kids, they helped us so much..They had diffident program for each ages group..They taught me how to care baby and myself..

  34. As a dad of a young boy I attended programs with my child when he was a baby. When we go back to visit he remembers where he played and who the staff are and loves seeing his friends. The Shelldale Centre continues to do good work and I think the outreach team reaching out to isolated parents will help the children in the long run.

  35. Shelldale runs amazing programs in our community. So many children and their families benefit from the various programming and support!

  36. Shelldale has made me a better man, without their love and support I would never been able to graduate high school and then go off to graduate college. I owe everything to my community and my friends i now call family.

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