Stories and good wishes about “St. John Bosco Secondary School

  1. St. John Bosco is an amazing school. I have been blessed to teach there for 8 years and look forward to many years to come. Our nutrition program is an integral part of our student’s success, so please, vote for us!

  2. Four months ago I became aware of St John Bosco when I toured the school and met the Principal Kellie and some of the teachers and students. I was truly moved and inspired by their dedication to the young people attending there and how vast the teachings are around not only academics but life skills. They genuinely deserve these funds and it would make a huge impact to those they serve, teach and mentor. Thank you

  3. St John bosco changed my life for the better. I graduated in 2014 and without the school and community, I don’t know where I’d be. I think they deserve this grant.

  4. A wonderful way to support these students and provide them with the skills needed to be successful in their lives.

  5. Bosco is an amazing place for students to be themselves, learn and feel safe. They would greatly benefit from the funding for a nutrition program.

  6. I know with a steady and stable food & nutrition program, St John Bosco will be able to continue to support students so that they can be successful with their goals ♥️

  7. I would never have graduated either 5 or so years ago if it weren’t for Bosco. Totally life changing school.

  8. I have witnessed the transformation of young people in our community through the specialized wrap around support they receive at St. John Bosco. As food is prepared and shared there is room for everyone at the table. Snacks and shared meals nourish a sense of community and minds that are hungry for learning. Our purpose, to make a difference, is lived daily out daily through the kindness offered by our staff and community partners so that our young people realize their full potential.

  9. I have seen the amazing work this school does. The way the reach out to their students and make their education fit their lives not the other way around. It’s a safe place these kids might not get elsewhere

  10. John Bosco is an amazing place where kids can flourish! I applaud the food program and will share this video with my church’s Catholic Women’s League members that have already voted to support it from funds from our November bazzar.

  11. I know for a fact how the lives of the students at St John Bosco are impacted for their benefit. It is truly an amazing school with exceptional staff.

  12. The children of Bosco need all the community support possible to help them be their best selves, including getting the right nutrition to fuel their minds and spirits. Let’s help that to happen!

  13. The students at this school would really benefit from this lunch program! Fantastic students and great staff!

  14. Bosco is an amazing place and their presence is vital in our city. These kids deserve all the support we can give them.

  15. St. John Bosco is a wonderful place for students to learn! The food program is an integral part of building their positive community!

  16. This opportunity can enhance the incredible work St John Bosco does for youth in our community!

  17. Many of our Lourdes students have had the incredible,supportive opportunity to finish their diplomas at Bosco! Fantastic school with amazing staff that are helping to build resilient, more confident, young adults!

  18. Students need proper nourishment to learn and part of the education is how and what that looks like. Students should never have to go hungry before they start their day.

  19. I worked at Bosco when it was just starting. It’s a fantastic place that does so much food for our students in need. Very worthy of this award.

  20. St John Bosco CHS is a safe, caring, welcoming community. Students succeed because if this!! This grant would be so incredibe for our students!! Please vote!!

  21. I used to be a student here, I know how important this program is for the kids that attend. I miss you all so much and hope my vote counts for something!

  22. This school is vital to our community and allows students who might otherwise slip through the cracks to achieve their full potential!

  23. I have seen first hand the positive impact that St. John Bosc has on the students attending. The relationships formed between the staff (including occasional teachers) and students are ones that the students need. It allows them to work at the pace they need, with the right amount of support. For them to be able to hire a nutrition coach, it would benefit all of the students, allowing them to create healthy options for themselves and their peers. I cannot think of anyone who is more deserving of this!

  24. There is no doubt that the program at SJB has worked. I’ve seen it firsthand and feel honoured to have been allowed to participate in a supportive capacity!

  25. I see students every day who’s only nutrition comes from the food we provide. Some of them can’t even eat anything because of the stress and trauma they’ve experienced. How can we expect them to learn when treatment nourished?

  26. This program teaches young people healthy living and eating. They can learn this as young adults and carry it through their entire life and then teach their own children one day. It gives them the energy and nutrition they need at this time in their lives to be successful during the next stages of life.

  27. I see the care and thoughtfulness that goes into supporting these kids, some of whom do not get any support elsewhere.

  28. As a teacher I have been thrilled to see how many children this school has helped to achieve their educations. I have had many former students tell me that if it wasn’t for "Bosco" they would not be In the good places they are now. And it was not just the learning aspect of this place. It was a place of caring and support that meant so much.

  29. What a great program. Wonderful these students have a safe and nutritional environment to learn in.

  30. Great idea for students to be encouraged to come to a place they can learn and be given the necessities of life and be successful.

  31. The program at this wonderful school is excellent, and I think a nutrition coach would be a great addition to an already stellar community.

  32. What a terrific idea. Ensuring students are successful. Can only happen with good nutrition and caring environment.

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